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Research & Transfer


Nurturing and developing science and art through teaching and research is one of the most important and exclusive missions of German colleges and universities. The Braunschweig University of Art as an academic art university fulfils this obligation. The university fully understands that convincing teaching achievements can only be accomplished on the basis of excellent research results. Hence research is fully anchored as a central mission in the mission statement of the university:
‘Research at the HBK reaches from basic scientific work to application-oriented solution strategies and right through to reflective, creative and artistic accomplishments. The university does extensive research in the subjects Aesthetics and Art History and Media Science as well as in the scientific disciplines Communication Design, Industrial Design and Transportation Design. It fulfils its research contract in the artistic subjects by giving teaching artists the opportunity to further develop their own artistic work and to pass on their knowledge to the students.’


The HBK Braunschweig takes part in the concept of Lower Saxony to transfer technologies and knowledge. Activities include presentations at the Hanover Fair (Industrial and CeBIT) as well as nationwide individual presentations, especially by the design departments. Adding to that the HBK keeps a data bank with offers from the university for general knowledge transfer. If necessary, contacts can be arranged. The transfer representatives of the technical-scientific institutions of the Braunschweig area regularly meet in technology transfer discussion groups.

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