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The Braunschweig University of Art combines three domains under one roof: fine arts, design, and theory of art and media.
Each discipline has its specific methods and practices in research – oscillating between the classical academic research in the theory of art and media, practice based research in communication and industrial design, and artistic research in the fine arts.


Bachelor of Arts
Master of Arts
Master of Education
Fine Arts (Diploma) Fine Arts (Meisterschüler) Fine Arts
Art Mediation (Bachelor of Arts) Art Mediation (Master of Education) Art Mediation
Performing Arts (Bachelor of Arts) Performing Arts (Master of Education) Performing Arts
Communication Design (Bachelor of Arts) Communication Design
Communication Arts (Master of Arts) Communication Arts
Industrial Design (Bachelor of Arts) Industrial Design
Industrial Design/Transportation Design (Master of Arts) Industrial Design/Transportation Design
Aesthetics and Art History (Bachelor of Arts) Aesthetics and Art History (Master of Arts) Aesthetics and Art History
Media Studies (Bachelor of Arts) Media Studies (Master of Arts) Media Studies


The HBK owns the right to award doctorates (Dr. phil.) and postdoctoral lecture (Dr. phil. habil.) qualifications. However, PhD study courses are still in development.


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