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Visual Communication

Visual Comm Ba 715x170

Visual communication is about designing communication processes, media and platforms. The goal of the bachelor’s course Visual Communication is the development of artistic personalities who can cope with future cultural, economic and social changes. The artistic and design-oriented course is characterized by a two-semester basic creative course; by the offer of varied
practice-oriented projects; and by the opportunity to choose an individual specialized area of study.

In studios specifically equipped for these subjects, the following areas of study are available:

  • Typography
  • Photography
  • Digital media (Interaction/Interface design)
  • Conceptional design and/or illustration

In the studios, students acquire the skills of working independently, in teams, and in temporary interdisciplinary cooperation. The students have the choice of choosing just one of the studio courses offered over several semesters, which will be declared in the bachelor’s degree, or of engaging in the entire spectrum of what the course has to offer.

And afterwards?

Course graduates work in the media and advertising fields. As photographers, illustrators and graphic artists, they take on creative tasks in, for instance, museums, galleries, or libraries; they design books and public communications for businesses and public institutions.

The bachelor’s degree opens the way to a subsequent master’s course.


Degree Bachelor of Arts
Standard period of study Eight semesters
Modules Basic course, workshop courses, study in the studios and the introductory modules: conceptional design & illustration, typography, photography and digital media (interaction/ interface design), design theory, aesthetics and art history, media studies, professional development
Course language German
Course type Full-time course
Start of course Winter semester
Application deadline 1 February to 15 March each year
Restricted admission Yes


  • General or subject-linked university entrance qualification, entrance qualification for university of applied sciences for design, or university entrance qualification based on professional training
  • Proof of special artistic talent
  • Minimum age 17
  • Students from non-German-speaking countries
  • require proof of proficiency in German


A number of steps are necessary for application to the HBK Braunschweig. In these steps the students demonstrate their “special artistic aptitude”. This is based on an application with a portfolio and successful participation in the application exam. For this application process, the following three steps are required:
1. Online application via the HBK Braunschweig website
2. Submission of the application documents by 15 March (date of receipt!)
3. Submission of the portfolio (personally or by post)

Note: The portfolio must have been received at the university by 31 March. Information and deadlines for personal submission of the portfolio will be posted on the website.


The portfolio (maximum size DIN A1) must contain 20 to 30 of your own works in the original from freely selected topics including a sequential work using sketches and commentary in writing to document and comment upon the process of the work development. Reproduction techniques are only permitted insofar as they serve for the solution of a design problem.

The HBK Braunschweig offers portfolio counselling at regular intervals.
Current directions for application and further information on the portfolio at


During the course there is the possibility of exploring the entire range of subjects offered in the studios or of choosing an area of emphasis (for instance, in photography or typography). A studio’s subject can be studied more than once over the course.

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