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Design and Digital Cultures

Design and Digital Cultures

The Bachelor of Arts degree course Design and Digital Cultures is designed for students who are interested in progressive and sustainable product design
and who want to employ contemporary digital design and production technology in the innovative design of dynamic and integral processes.

The course spectrum ranges from artistic-creative basics through social and cultural science aspects to digital design practice and manufacturing methods, such as parametric design, generative composition and physical
computing. The main focus of the course is the project course. Here, the students will be trained in creative competence, user-oriented design, scientific procedures and capacity for teamwork. In the face of change resulting from the digitalization of our society, an essential endeavour of the teachers is to enable the students to work in an integrally responsible and sustainable way.

Applicants to this course should possess artistic ability and be interested in design theory and, in addition to striving for professional qualifications with regard to industrially produced products, also want to meet the requirements of creative processes and methods in a society structured around information and technology.

And afterwards?


Graduates of this course are qualified designers for new and pioneering areas of application and function, in addition to the traditional professional fields in product design. They are capable of handling complex topics in the fields of mobility, energy, living, health, communications, sport, education, and knowledge production.
A successful bachelor’s degree opens the door to subsequent master courses of study, for instance, the master’s degree course Transformation Design at the HBK.



Bachelor of Arts

Standard period of study
Six semesters

Secondary subjects
. /.

Perception, observation and analysis; drawing and representing; design and
composition; workshop courses; digital crafting; human-centred design; study of materials and manufacturing processes; construction; processes;
dynamics, object and simulation; design theory; digital culture; project study course; professional development

Course language

Course type
Full-time course

Start of course
Winter semester

Application deadline
1 February to 15 March each year (date of receipt!)

Restricted admission



General or subject-linked university entrance qualification, entrance qualification for university of applied sciences for design, or university entrance qualification based on professional training

Proof of special artistic talent

Minimum age: 17

Students from non-German-speaking countries require proof of proficiency in German



A number of steps are necessary for application to the HBK Braunschweig. In these steps the students prove their “special artistic talent”. Application with  the successful participation in an interview and a portfolio are necessary.

Two steps are required here:

1. Online application via the HBK Braunschweig website

2. Submission of the application documents by 15 March (date of receipt!)





The portfolio (maximum size DIN A1) must contain 20 to 30 of your own works in the original from freely selected topics such as art, photography, graphics, fashion, architecture or product design, as well as the documentation of a product development of your own. The works should express personal interests and work processes.
On the basis of a freely chosen task, a specific problem should be treated and ideas, approaches and results be visualized.

The HBK Braunschweig offers portfolio counselling at regular intervals.

Current directions for applications and further information about the portfolio at


You will improve your chances for a successful application if you have undertaken an internship, relevant to your choice of course, for a duration of at least six months, before studies start.

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