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Fine Arts

The focus of the study of the Fine Arts at the HBK Braunschweig is placed on free and as far as possible independent work in one of twenty classes offered by the university. These cover the widest spectrum of the visual arts and adjacent forms of expression: painting, graphics/printmaking, sculpture/installation, photography, film/video, sound art and spatial concepts.

The Diploma course of study offers you optimal opportunities for your artistic development. It understands itself as a space for personal growth and is based on an intense exchange between teachers and students. The results of your artistic studies will be presented and discussed at a regular plenum and deepened in individual correction sessions. University studios will be at your disposal to realise your ideas and can also be used independently after attending the introductory courses. You can use the class studios around the clock. Excursions, exhibition visits, lectures and classoriented projects supplement your art studies. Subsidies for material and project-oriented assistance measure are financed from the tuition fees.

After successfully completing the introductory basic class, you can select the
specialised class of your choice and also find inspiration in other specialised
classes. Over the course of your studies you will acquire an overview of the history of art and become acquainted with more specialised questions in the field of art and media studies or art education concepts.

Students with an extraordinary artistic proficiency can be accepted into the



Artistic Admission Procedure

Applicants need to either provide proof of completed secondary schooling, or evidence of art practice that would qualify them for successful studies. On the premise that these requirements are fulfilled, candidates then take part in an examination to determine the level of their artistic capabilities. Those candidates who cannot provide any proof of secondary schooling are only admitted if the examining committee determines that they are outstandingly apt for fine arts studies at the HBK. The deadline for entry exam applications can be seen on this site (German text). Foreign students are additionally required to pass a German language proficiency test that is officially recognized by German universities.



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