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Media Studies

Media Studies – Bachelor of Arts


The B.A. course of study in Media Studies is interdisciplinarily oriented: As a cooperation course of study between the HBK Braunschweig and the TU Braunschweig, it joins the particular potentials of an art university and a technical university.

Media Studies in Braunschweig orients itself on a broadly conceived concept of media and takes the entire palette of forms of expression in the media into consideration. Such a course of study is exciting and varied, preparing you – also in combination with the selected minor subject – for diverse areas of practice.

The courses at the HBK Braunschweig are media-culturally oriented: They encompass media analysis, media history and media theory. The courses at the TU Braunschweig focus on media technology and communication studies. There is also a broad range of selective courses in media contexts, for example media law, media economy and media sociology. Both universities offer a broad range of practical media events.
Students receive in this way insights into the production, structure, function, aesthetics, reception and impact of media.

Media Studies can be chosen as a major or minor subject. The following minors at the two universities can be combined with a major in Media Studies: Communication Design, Aesthetics & Art History, English Studies, German Studies and Computer & Communication Systems Engineering..

The successful completion of a B.A. degree is the prerequisite for a subsequent M.A. degree course of study at the HBK Braunschweig or another university with the option of a subsequent doctorate.


Media Studies – Master of Arts


The Master’s degree in Media Studies, oriented on the humanities and cultural sconces, makes particular use of existing cooperation possibilities with other local academic, creative and artistic courses of study. It is not only compatible with the eponymous Braunschweig Bachelor’s courses of study, but also the other German Bachelor programmes in Media Studies and comparable international Bachelor programmes.

Students acquire knowledge in all media-relevant social fields. Based on a deeper understanding of the media studies, you will acquire expertise in fundamental media analytical and media theoretical practice. Particular emphasis is placed on interdisciplinary perspectives and the promotion of critical analysis in conjunction with a responsible approach as regards technical developments.

The iconographical and creative focus characteristic of the HBK is supported by modules in the fields of aesthetics and art history as well as design. The diversified elective field offers the opportunity for setting individual focuses. A project module with alternating scientific or creative contents serves to bridge the gap between academics and practice.

Graduates of the Master’s programme gain competencies in fields that are essential for the job market of the future: flexibility, autonomy and creativity in thought and work. Potential fields of activities include editorial work, positions in cultural offices or foundations, trade journalism and media research addition to work in the areas of media technology and media art.

The successful completion of a Master of Arts qualifies you to begin a doctoral


Video Filming



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