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Want to study at the HBK? Apply now! 1 Feb - 15 March 2021


university library HBK Braunschweig, Foto Frank Sperling


The HBK Braunschweig is now accepting applications for the winter semester 2021/2022.

Prospective students can now submit applications for undergraduate degree programmes.

The University of Art Braunschweig (HBK Braunschweig) offers the ideal environment for a degree programme in the arts. Our students benefit from an intensive, effective and participative learning experience based on personal interaction with teaching staff and other students.

The HBK Braunschweig combines three areas of study – art, design and academic studies. All our degree programmes integrate aspects of these disciplines. Students can choose from degree programmes in Fine Art, Performing Arts, Visual Communication, Design and Digital Cultures, Art for the Teaching Profession, ART.Education for schools , Transformation Design, Media Studies and Art History and Aesthetics.

Our International Office offers help and advice for international students.
At the HBK Braunschweig, besides the central institutes and facilities, 24 workshops are available to support staff and students, covering a total 3,000 square metres of floor space across three sites. The workshops have their own dedicated support team, with 26 members of staff available to share their technical expertise and offer a comprehensive support service for their specialist areas. Each member of the team can provide expert know-how in a specialist area, advising on tools and methodologies to enable students to realise their artistic concepts and ideas.

The following workshops are currently available: Moulding and Casting, Analogue Printing, Bench Room, Bronze Casting, Stagecraft and Stage Design, Digital Production, Digital Fine Art Printing, Film and Video Technology, Reprographics, Photo Lab, Photo Studio, Wood Workshop, Ceramics Workshop, Sound Art Lab, Plastic Casting and Laminates, Lithography, Painting Techniques, Metal Workshop, Modelling and Plastics, Paper and Bookbinding, Etching, Screen Printing and Silkscreen Printing, Typography and Layout.

Students can also benefit from the university library, which is open to the public. The library offers a wide and diverse range of media to support staff and students engaged in teaching, study, research and ongoing professional training at the university as well as in Braunschweig and the local region. It is a member of the Common Library Network GBV (the association of North German libraries) and collaborates closely with other organisations and institutions, representing the HBK as a member of various professional committees and associations. It is a specialist repository for a number of arts-related areas including the visual art of the 20th and 21st centuries, art history, media studies and industrial and communication design. Some of this specialist literature is unique to our library and cannot be found elsewhere.

The HBK Braunschweig enjoys links to a wide variety of other public institutions such as the Herzog Anton Ulrich Museum, the Herzog August Library, the City Theatre Braunschweig, Wolfsburg Art Museum and a range of other art galleries and organisations. It also maintains partnerships with a number of other universities in Germany and abroad.

Besides undergraduate and Master’s degree programmes, the HBK also offers opportunities for doctoral and post-doctoral study, including the professorial Habilitation qualification.


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