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Visual Communication as an academic discipline has traditionally been viewed as a means of understanding newspapers, magazines, books and advertising, and, more recently, digital media. Here at the HBK Braunschweig, we view it as an art form that permeates and shapes our society. Creators of visual communication no longer simply provide a service, but are now authors in their own right. They narrate stories and reflect and analyse reality as it is embedded in social processes.

These processes have profoundly affected our choices, offering new constraints and freedoms, and transformed the content of our working lives, bringing new perspectives. The Institute of Visual Communication recognises this and responds through providing spaces and opportunities for active engagement. Through thinking and acting as artists, we can shape content and processes, using the visionary potential of art to transform communication and social and professional perspectives.

The Institute of Visual Communication is responsible for the practical artistic modules offered as part of the Bachelor of Arts degree in Visual Communication and for developing the degree program at the HBK Braunschweig.

Staff at the Institute (on the German website)

Managing Director

Gosbert Adler

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Building 01; Room 215

Doris Richelmann
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