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Plastic Casting and Laminates

Plastic Casting and Laminates

Students who wish to complete their studies this summer semester can use the workshops, provided that all hygiene regulations are observed and appointments have been made.
In any case, please contact the workshop manager first by email. Describe briefly your project and the time required!

Pay attention to the hygiene concept of the HBK Braunschweig as well as to the current information on coronavirus.

The workshop
The workshop offers introductory courses for students from all institutes who want to learn about the specific properties of modern liquid plastics and gain an overview of their artistic possibilities. You will first learn how to create the forms needed for plastic casting out of various silicones and polyurethanes. We then move on to experimenting with pourable epoxy and polyurethane resin systems. A variety of additives and colours can be added into the mix, offering yet more potential surfaces for use in solid and hollow casting processes. We also look at how to make plastic fibre composites from liquid components and compressed multi-layered materials (laminates). This allows us to create light, shock-resistant and non-breakable objects and panels for use in design and sculpture.

The plastics workshop is open to students from all institutes.

Staying safe in the workshop
Dangerous Substances and Safety for Art Practitioners

University staff member with overall responsibility for the workshop
Prof. Raimund Kummer

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Workshop management

Ralf Lücke

+49 (0) 531 391 9246

Opening hours
Do und Fr 10 – 18 Uhr

Johannes-Selenka-Platz 1
38118 Braunschweig

Gebäude 19, Raum 005