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Painting Techniques

Painting Techniques

Students who wish to complete their studies this summer semester can use the workshops, provided that all hygiene regulations are observed and appointments have been made.
In any case, please contact the workshop manager first by email. Describe briefly your project and the time required!

Pay attention to the hygiene concept of the HBK Braunschweig as well as to the current information on coronavirus.

The workshop
The workshop for painting and material handling techniques offers introductory and advanced courses (Painting Techniques 1-4), seminars on different topics such as oil painting and historical painting techniques, colloquia on painting techniques, field trips and lectures, along with dedicated office hours where students can access help and support.
All students are welcome to attend the courses, and the workshop offers help and advice to support students in realising their artistic projects.

The workshop courses combine theory and practice to help students to feel at home with different tools and materials and to understand how these can be best used in their artistic projects.
Students are equipped with the knowledge and methodological skills to create different substrates for their work. They will also learn basic material handling techniques and how to work with painting materials in an environmentally friendly and safe way. They will gain an understanding of the fundamental techniques and practical expertise that form the basis of the painter’s craft, along with a good general knowledge of the optical, physical and physiological bases for colour perception and colour effects. Students will also gain practical experience in conservation, storage and restoration techniques and will be taught the basic principles of health and safety in the studio, including fire safety and environmental awareness.

The workshop enjoys natural light conditions and is equipped with workbenches at a height where students can work standing up. The workshop has a large workbench with a marble panel where students can grind their own colours. The workshop is also equipped with all the standard materials including studio easels, mobile painting trolleys and a variety of electric tools. Most of the materials needed by students - e.g. pigments, binding agents and fillers - can be supplied by the workshop at cost price. Students’ own materials can be used in the workshop in agreement with the workshop supervisor.

Students from all institutes can access the workshop outside of course times to work independently or under supervision. However, you must have completed an induction course or induction training before using the workshop.

Staying safe in the workshop
Dangerous Substances and Safety for Art Practitioners

University staff member with overall responsibility for the workshop
Prof. Wolfgang Ellenrieder

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Workshop management

Uwe Siemens

+49 (0) 531 391 9396

Opening hours
Mi und Do 10 – 19 + Fr 8 – 12 Uhr

Blumenstraße 36
38118 Braunschweig

Gebäude 40, Raum 208